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Intellegise your environment with Intellve

We at Intellve Solutions design and develop software products that allow you to collect, visualize and analyze the data of offices, factories and cities in a revolutionary manner. Our radical new technologies in the field of data visualization, video management, video analytics, and alert management allow you to increase business efficiency and catch operational anomalies in real time by bringing together audio-visual, textual and sensory-based data under one common view.

Whether it is a factory, a business park or a smart city, our software platform, Theia integrates the command and control of all individual devices and sub-systems and feeds them in a sophisticated system that puts 360^ control in your hands. You will enjoy optimum peace of mind that comes with the intricate details available at your fingertips. The sophisticated dashboard not only allows you to create a secure, safe space around you, but also enables you to use the detailed information available to refine the business processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

With our future-ready technology, we give you the power of real time data so timely and precise, the reaction time during all types of situations will be reduced considerably. What’s more, our fully customizable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and workflows can meet a variety of response needs. The pre-automated alert system, combined with collaboration-enabled alert management will help you save a lot of time during emergencies.

Theia is entirely designed and developed in India, making the human element of it more relatable than any other solutions available in the market. Get ready to experience intelligence in every aspect of your existence with our software.